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Summer Games Camp

Monday 30 July – Friday 3 August 2018
9:00 – 16:00 each day
Chestnut Grove Academy, Balham SW12


The Summer Games Camp is a five-day activity week for children aged 8-12 who enjoy playing boardgames, card games and other non-digital games. Through five days of fun, collaborative and creative activities, it will teach them the rules to a wide range of new and classic games, as well as building their skills, teamwork and problem-solving, and encouraging them to think tactically and creatively – as well as discovering amazing games they’ll want to play again and again.


The purpose of the club is for children to have fun, make new friends, and learn new games to play, but also to teach them new skills through the games they’ll play and create.

Each of the five days will be a mix of different activities, including:

Classic games from The Royal Game of Ur to well-known board-games and card-games from around the world and across history.

Modern games, mixing different types of strategy and play, including one-versus-one, team-versus-team and all-versus-all, ranging from serious strategy to laugh-out-loud silliness.

Co-operative games where everyone has a different role but must work together as a team to beat the game

Roleplaying games encouraging children’s visual imaginations, problem-solving and teamwork

Writing, drawing and storytelling games that let the children express themselves in new and creative ways

Escape rooms and co-operative deduction games, solving linked puzzles to work through a story against a time limit.

Physical games, from Nine Men’s Morris using the players as pieces, to modern team-games like Cat On Yer Head. Weather and conditions permitting, we will play these outside.

Making games: over the course of the week everyone will work in teams to invent, build, test and refine their own game design.

The club will be extended for an extra hour on Friday, so that parents and siblings can join us to play the games the children have made during the week.

Learning Outcomes

Board gaming and role playing games are excellent teaching tools, helping players to learn and develop new skills in a fun and engaging way. Apart from obvious educational opportunities such as learning about probability and turn-taking, there are so many skills to take away from a good game that the players may not realise they are learning.

Game-players develop tactical thinking and how to plan ahead depending on their opponent’s actions. They must manage the game’s resources to make the best choices and understand complex systems to acquire the most points. They learn team-building, negotiation, how to bluff, how to read another player, and how to understand and explain sets of rules. More importantly, they will learn to become gracious winners and even better losers.

Club Leaders

James Wallis runs the games consultancy Spaaace, designs board and card-games, and teaches games design at London South Bank University. The Summer Games Camp is based on the after-school games club that he ran at Hornsby House School last year.

David Murcutt is a primary school teacher who uses board games and roleplaying games to promote learning in the classroom. He has worked as an education consultant for several London museums and was a board game guru at London’s first ever board game cafe.

How it works

Please bring children to the main entrance of Chestnut Grove Academy by 9:00 each morning, where they will be collected.

Please make sure that each child has their own snacks, packed lunch and water bottle. Please do not include any foods containing nuts.


The fee for the week is £220 per child, payable in advance. Day-places are available for children who cannot come for all five days, at a rate of £50 per day. Please email to discuss.

Booking and enquiries

Please click on this link to open the booking form. Alternatively you can email or phone on 0776 016 5449 with any questions you have.