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This is the professional website of the London-based games consultant, designer and writer James Wallis. There are others like him, but this one is yours.


James is currently rebooting the classic tabletop RPG Paranoia, and will be doing a Reddit AMA about it along with his co-designers on Thursday 5th November. Hello Reddit. He’ll also be doing a panel at Dragonmeet in London on 6th December.

The main writing on Alas Vegas, James’s Kickstarted RPG of bad memories, bad luck and bad blood, is now complete, though a few articles are still due from other contributors. The game is in playtest and out with readers. Release is anticipated very early in 2015.

James’s story-telling card-game Once Upon a Time was released in a third edition at the end of 2012, with all-new art, tweaked rules and a bigger box. It was featured on Wil Wheaton’s Table Top in May 2013, which coincided with the release of its first supplement, Enchanting Tales.

A third edition of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is in development for release in early 2015, with an additional section co-written by the Baron’s descendant Alexandr Munchausen. Meanwhile the second ‘facsimile’ edition is back in print (and the full PDF is available from DriveThruRPG).

James’s short story from 1992, ‘A Knight At The Races’, is now downloadable for Kindle, Kobo or generic epub. Its sequel has just been commissioned.

New shirt designs are up on the Spaaace store on Spreadshirt.

Plus loads of things we can’t really talk about yet, including Once Upon a Time In A Galaxy, a new RPG project, another Kickstarter campaign, a big event, and the return of a notorious journal from the 1990s. Now read on dot dot dot