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This is the professional website of the London-based games consultant, designer, writer and player James Wallis. There are others like him, but this one is yours.


James has been running his Game Design Workshop, a three-hour crash-course in tabletop game development, all over the place including appearances in Cork, Lancaster and a residency at the V&A Museum of Childhood in the run-up to Christmas 2016. Its next appearance is at the GEEK festival in Margate, on 19th February.

The third edition of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen was released by Fantasy Flight Games in December 2016, to rave reviews. It is available at all good games shops, some good book shops, and some places on the internet.

Alas Vegas, James’s kickstarted game of ‘flashbacks, Blackjack and payback’ is currently at the printer. The Fugue system, the set of rules that powers the game, is available for free download from DrivethruRPG.

The bottom-up reboot of 1980s classic RPG Paranoia, on which James was lead designer, is being printed in China and is on schedule to be available in late spring.

James has a column in Tabletop Gaming magazine, in which he re-examines the winners of the Spiel des Jahres award, in order. As of this writing, he is up to Railway Rivals (1984).

The seventh supplement for James’s story-telling card-game Once Upon a Time┬áis ‘Fairy Tales’, released in 2016.

James is currently lecturing in games design and interactive narrative at London South Bank University, writing for interactive media at Central Film School, and he also runs a weekly games club at his kids’ school in Balham.

Plus loads of things we can’t really talk about yet, including Once Upon a Time In A Galaxy, a new RPG project, another Kickstarter campaign, a big event, and the return of a notorious journal from the 1990s. Now read on dot dot dot